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“It was a real pleasure to work with Javelyn on the U.S. launch of a new cellphone from Foxconn. Javelyn’s consulting firm, Movida24, handled all the marketing brochures and promotional material. She personally took charge of the project management responsibilities, and delivered the marketing material on-time and on-budget. The results exceeded our expectations, and I would not hesitate to work with Javelyn again in the future. She was a great listener and leader throughout the whole process. Sincerely, Bill Lyon, Truth Innovations.”

Bill Lyon, Chief Financial Office at Daico Industries (Javelyn’s Client)

“I had the opportunity to work with Javelyn at a major organization when she was part of my team. Javelyn is focused, driven and provides solutions with complex situations in a calm and focused manner. Additionally, Javelyn is a leader and has the ability to manage a team of professionals focused on a common goal—achieving business results while developing a team of professionals. Her ability to lead, direct and effectively collaborate with associates while providing them with professional growth opportunities has allowed Javelyn to build mutual trust. I strongly recommend Javelyn based on her professionalism, knowledge and ability to lead.”

Mark Lee, Brand & Integrated Marketing Executive Consultant (Managed Javelyn)

“Javelyn is a great example of an effective and helpful manager. I enjoyed working under her for two years as we set up a new company, defined new agency processes all while delivering marketing campaigns and delighting clients. She is a powerhouse in branding, marketing and leadership. I would recommend Javelyn as a results driven supervisor and a natural born marketing leader.”

Stacey Scarborough, Marketing Planning & Execution, Project Management, Marketing Integration, Process Improvement, Research & Analysis (Javelyn was a Senior Leader)

“Dedicated Leader. Solid Work Ethic. Marketing Genius. These are the three phrases that come to mind when I think of Javelyn Arvay. She not only possesses exceptional expertise in marketing strategy and branding but is an inspiring, supportive and motivational leader who is able to “rally the troops” with humor and grace, even during the most challenging times. She is not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the job done and puts her heart and soul into every task at hand. She leads by example. She is honestly the best CMO I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend her to any future employer, consulting opportunity or volunteer organization.”

Tessa Tavares Costa, CX & Content Beacon Mutual Insurance (Tessa Reported to Javelyn)

“Javelyn is one of the most dynamic and savvy marketers that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She is smart, professional, courteous and respectful of everyone’s contributions to the team. At Florida Blue, Javelyn led the rebranding of a 65+ year old company. Over the course of three years she was instrumental in evolving a legacy brand to be more relevant and approachable while retaining it’s trusted brand equity. She has an innate sense on what creative will resonate with the market and is an expert at driving great creative that solves a business need.”

Annie Mueller Erstling, Chief Strategy Officer at Forcura | Health and Wellness | Brand Geek | Eternal Optimist | Part-time Gardener, Runner | Full-time Mom | Connectivity is the key to a sustainable patient-centric healthcare system (Worked on the Same Team)

“Javelyn was a colleague of mine during our time at Florida Blue and GuideWell, Inc. Working together to support many large health plan clients during our time, I found Javelyn to be excellent at delivering superior results for our clients. Her ability to focus on key strategic components of the marketing campaigns we executed on was second to none. Her guidance and leadership on both the creative and tactical components of our campaigns always allowed our team to achieve both our strategic and tactical goals and deliver some very successful campaigns!”

Randy Ringpfiel, SVP Strategic Market Operations at PopHealthCare (Same Team)

“Javelyn is a true integrator. She develops General Market and Hispanic marketing strategies that connect and resonate with consumers, while driving creative excellence for product and brand growth. She is multi-dimensional in her thinking, proactive in her approach to solving problems and identifies opportunities to leverage all channels and maximize budgets. She is a true leader and subject matter expert who isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves to get the job done. I had the pleasure of working for Javelyn for five years and her unbridled passion for delivering high quality work and engaging experiences, coupled with a tremendous amount of respect from her peers made her a valuable asset to the team.”

Sheri Gallagher, Sr. Director Marketing Operations at Guidewell (Reported Directly to Javelyn)

“As Marketing Manager for the Americas, Javelyn played a key role in communicating United’s brand awareness. Javelyn effectively communicated the brand via various media streams that allowed the most effective use of our resources while effectively communicating our brand message.”

Benjamin Barrocas, Country Manager – USA & Canada at International Air Transport Association (IATA) (Javelyn reported to Ben as President of United Airlines LatAm).

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